Silymarin for Skin Lightening

Silymarin is one of those few natural resources that have proven to be quite effective for those who wish to have a fairer complexion. It makes one’s skin tone lighter by inhibiting melanin synthesis in melanocyte cells. Research has shown that it suppresses this process of melanogenesis by limiting the activity and expression of tyrosinase protein, which is the rate-limiting melanogenic enzyme. This study proposes that the depigmenting effect of milk thistle silymarin herb makes a perfect skin-whitening agent. Furthermore, it also protects the skin from inflammation due to UV radiations and softens the skin, thus giving it its natural glow. Cloud Silymarin/Milk Thistle is therefore the perfect pigment corrector.

Silymarin as an Antioxidant

Silymarin is quite a powerful antioxidant. You can definitely not find a better product with Silymarin, than ‘Cloud Silymarin/Milk Thistle’. Just like most of the other antioxidants, it prevents the damage caused be free radicals specifically in a human’s skin. To begin with, free radicals are harmful, unstable molecules formed in the body when it consumes oxygen. Apart from many different organs, these unstable radicals disrupt the chemical balance of the skin and cause it to wrinkle. Silymarin, apart from maintaining the firmness of skin, protects from skin cancer, keeps epidermal cells toned up, and reduces inflammation in the skin. In addition, when applied externally, it reduces itchiness and heals disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

One cream – Multiple solutions!

Topical creams that contain Silymarin are becoming increasingly popular since the herbal ingredient helps in preventing a range of skin diseases, while giving your skin a more radiant and fresh outlook. Silymarin is a natural component of the natural herb, milk thistle, and was primarily used to restrict the development of pigmentation due to melanin production from UV radiation. Since Silymarin has extremely powerful biological antioxidant properties, it triggers photo-protection mechanisms to prevent the risk of developing hyperplasia, inflammation, photo-ageing, immune suppression, or DNA damage. So, replace your other creams with those utilizing Silymarin and benefit with a healthier skin.

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Treating Melasma

Silymarin is a revolutionary ingredient that comprises of potent antioxidant properties and is used in many topical creams for your skin. It is found as an active ingredient in the fruit of the milk of a thistle plant and is completely herbal, without any artificial chemical that suits all skin types. It has been shown to cure pigmentation of the skin and was particularly formulated and tested within melasma patients in clinical trials. Melanin is a natural pigment that develops after prolonged UV radiation and poses risk of malignant melanoma, but Silymarin prevents its development or the development of photo-carcinogenesis.

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Silymarin(Milk Thistle) used as a topical cream

Silymarin, an extract from milk thistle plant, is increasingly becoming a standard ingredient in beauty care products. Creams developed for skin care use Silymarin for its many advantages, most importantly to mitigate the effects of solar radiation and its adverse effects. Research shows antioxidants like Silymarin are extremely effective in preventing skin cancer, pigmentation, and inflammation. The use of such herbal creams is an effective method of DIY skin care without having to pay dermatologist’s fee to be prescribed the same cure. It is best to buy these cosmeceuticals yourself and experience the positive effects of topical creams preventing cutaneous photo-damage.

Silymarin in topical creams

In the market of botanical skincare products, Silymarin which is an extract of milk thistle plant is increasingly becoming a well-used ingredient in cosmetics because it is a good antioxidant to prevent UV radiation damages to the skin. The risks of skin inflammation, hyperplasia, photo ageing, or DNA damage are all greatly reduced with the help of milk thistle. Beauty care products are increasingly using it as studies show positive results after using Silymarin to prevent melanin production or increased pigmentation. Most importantly, Silymarin helps UVB induced skin cancer probability by 92%. So beautify your skin and simultaneously improve its health through topical creams containing Silymarin.

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